Neuros develops “Unlocked Media” brand for DRM-free stuff

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It’s just a little element in the ongoing fight against DRM, but every part helps, and we’re kind of digging the idea. Neuros has developed a name and logo for DRM-free media to allow companies to brand their products in such a way that consumers know they’re getting a fully portable file. “Unlocked Media” might not be super catchy as far as names go, but we like the idea of a positive move that consumers and companies can latch onto; promote the benefits of DRM-free, rather than just decry the evils of copy protection. The branding is available to “any entity that uses media using open standard technology which is available to all on a non-discriminatory basis.” Neuros hopes some independent third party will step in to manage the trademark. Oh, and if all this is too optimistic for you, there are some grating explanatory videos after the break that will have you running back to the open arms of “Big Media” in a heart beat.

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