Nucleus Reference 5LS Loudspeaker is 6.5-feet tall

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Trust us, we’ve seen tall speakers, but Anthony Gallo Acoustics‘ Nucleus Reference 5LS is downright towering. These floor standing loudspeakers measure in at 7-inches wide, 11-inches deep and a staggering 78-inches high, and each one manages to boast twelve aluminum, rear-firing 4-inch subwoofers, eight 4-inch carbon fiber midrange drivers and seven CDT II tweeters. Interestingly, the firm doesn’t get specific with regard to power handling and frequency response, but we are told that a high-powered amplifier isn’t required to fill a room with sound. No word on a price just yet, but look for these skyscrapers to get all up in your ceiling fan’s business real soon.

[Thanks, Micah]


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