Not all is lost: partfoundry developing GPS module for iPhone

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True, the tantalizing rumor of a TomTom GPS for the iPhone suffered a rather untimely demise, but not to worry — as a navigation aid, we figure the iPhone’s sizable touchscreen and dock connector just make too much sense for a GPS solution to not get willed into existence. Engineering firm partfoundry is taking a real (as in, confirmed) stab at developing a custom, purpose-built GPS module that slots into the iPhone’s port, delivering 16 channels of satellite reception to the software of your choice. Notice the “of your choice” there — it looks like partfoundry will be requiring jailbreaked phones and relying on the developer community to serve up apps capable of processing the module’s output and making use of it. The current plan is to get these bad boys out of the door in February, though they’re taking orders now for $89. Oh, and don’t worry, there are plans for a “stylish plastic enclosure” to bring the 1337 hax0r appearance down a notch or three.


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