TiVo moving towards being a media-services company?

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There’s been a definite trend towards service integration at TiVo lately, with quite a string of partnerships to show for it: the company’s gotten in bed with Music Choice, Picasa / Photobucket and Nero in the past couple weeks, not to mention the finally-happening Comcast rollout, Amazon Unbox and Rhapsody offerings. On top of that, the company is also finally capitalizing on its vast stores of aggregate viewer data, having entered into a deal with NBC to provide Nielsen-esque ratings data on a second-by-second basis. Given all the wheeling and dealing, it’s not at all surprising that CEO Tom Rogers told the New York Times that TiVo has “substantially moved in the direction of becoming a media company,” but it’s definitely a big shift for the DVR company, which until recently was something of an outsider. That’s all changed now, apparently — according to Rogers, “all the networks” are in talks to land similar ratings deals, and that the company is “aggressively” trying to partner with the media industry. That sounds about right to us — we haven’t mentioned the deathwatch in a while, after all — but we’re just hoping all of this doesn’t lead to even more targeted ads.


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