Robotex creating gun-toting robots to replace human soldiers

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It’s not as if we haven’t seen weapon-wielding robots before, but Robotex is aiming to create a new breed of mechanical soldier that’s quick to build and cost effective. The Silicon Valley startup has garnered quite a bit of funding from angel investors, and apparently, it has already created a two-foot tall, motorized robot that can travel ten miles per hour, spin around “on a dime,” be controlled remotely and most importantly, “blow a ten-inch hole through a steel door with deadly accuracy from 400 meters.” Reportedly, such a critter can be crafted for under $50,000, which is said to be “six times” cheaper than similar alternatives already being tested in Iraq. Of course, there’s no telling how soon (or not) these things will actually be called into duty, but we can bet there’s already a list forming to be the one behind the remote when it is.

[Via InventorSpot]


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