Ideazon’s Reaper Edge gaming mouse gets reviewed

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It’s been over a year since Ideazon threw its Reaper into the totally saturated gaming mouse market, but now that the Reaper Edge has arrived to challenge the revived SideWinder, Razer Lachesis and Saitek Cyborg (to name just a few), it seems suitable to see how it stacks up. The folks over at ExtremeTech were able to wrap their hands around said device, and the long and short of it is that it’s a real competitor. Gamers looking for a new mouse should probably put Ideazon on their short list, as what it lacks in brand appeal it more than makes up for in the design and performance departments. Reviewers praised the “real rubber thumb grip,” intelligently placed side buttons and relatively low price tag ($69.99 MSRP), but did note that the bundled software wasn’t as robust as they would’ve liked. Still, the Reaper Edge seemed to have quite a bit going for it, but feel free to dive into the full review below if you’re still skeptical.


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