Samsung to launch 1.3-inch hard drive at CES

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While you’re down on the street corner, sweating, hustling and dancing to Stones tracks from the early 80’s, Samsung is hard at work creating the next-greatest thing you’ll ever own. Enter the Korean company’s latest coup de grace, a 1.3-inch hard drive targeted at “mobile consumer devices.” 1.3-inch, folks — that’s real, real small. To put it in perspective, current iPod Classic drives are 1.8-inches, so you can imagine the tiny possibilities. Apparently, the magically delicious devices will be announced at the CES in January (where your faithful Engadget team will be avoiding the sleep-monster and scooping the heck out of stories). In addition to the tiny hard drive, Samsung will also be announcing a 1TB, 3.5-inch RAID Edition drive, and a less exciting 2.5-inch, 320GB disk. Except to hear more… say, in January.

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