Third party Amiga development continues as lawsuits drag on

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We pretty much assumed we’d never actually see the “better than OS X” Amiga OS 5 as the suit between Amiga, Inc. and Hyperion (developers of OS 4) drags on , but our curmudgeonly hearts were stirred just a little by reports that third-party Amiga development soldiers on. Spurred by the twice-as-high-as-expected sales of “OS 4 for Classic Amigas with PowerPC Accelerator Boards” (say that three times fast), and the development of an open source Amiga OS replacement called AROS, it seems like enough people are still interested in the platform to potentially keep it alive while Hyperion and Amiga battle it out. There’s even recently-released commercial software available — something we’d have never thought possible. Just goes to show that you can’t keep a good (or kinda neat) OS down, eh?


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