Samsung’s SP-A400B DLP projector: sub-$2k for office or home

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We’ve already seen Samsung’s SP-A400B DLP projector floating around the more Germanic parts of Europe. Thing is, we forgot to tell you. So here it is, the pretty half-sister to the curvaceous SP-A800B 1080p DLP. Samsung’s trying to convince us that it belongs in either the boardroom or home theater. Know what? We agree. While its noisy 28dB to 32dB rating makes us want to get real close in order to muffle the drone of the average corporate presenter, its 2,000 lumens, 1280 X 768 pixel resolution, and HDMI, component, composite, VGA, and S-Video inputs (not to mention alien ship design) makes us want to take it home and rub up against it. You can too, right now in Europe for a tax-inclusive price of €1,299 ($1,911) — S.Korea later this month.



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