Intelligent coasters create new wave of drinking games

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Believe it or not, engineering minds have figured out a way to gadgetize even coasters, but Sentilla’s Smart Drink Coasters hope to be the zaniest yet. Designed using vanilla glass coasters from Michael’s (an arts and crafts store), one of Sentilla’s diminutive pervasive computers, a handful of LEDs and a few other ingredients, these units can not only blink in different ways depending on how full / empty one’s beverage is, but they can be used to create a whole new world of drinking games. Reportedly, the gizmos can be programmed to understand when a drink is on it and when a refill is needed, theoretically enabling a bartender or server to be alerted of one’s drink status without even going over to check. Additionally, a set of coasters can be used to replicate a memory game much like “Simon,” which could undoubtedly create a room full of laughs in the right circumstances. Granted, this all works under the assumption that you’ll actually slam your container down on (i.e. not just nearby) the intelligent coaster, but if you think you’re that coordinated, hit the read link for a full description and a video demonstration.


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