Comcast, Time Warner not interested in 700MHz auction

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In what is surely a sign that the mania around the upcoming 700MHz auction is reaching absurd levels, cable operators Comcast and Time Warner Communications both issued press releases today confirming that they would not be bidding in January’s auction. You might recall that both Time Warner (which is owned by Engadget’s parent company’s parent company) and Comcast are part of SpectrumCo, which snapped up 137 licenses covering 20MHz of spectrum the last time the FCC put airwaves on the block, so there was some speculation that the venture might ante up again this go ’round — especially since TWC CEO Glenn Britt was running around making vague proclamations about it. Still, it looks like Sprint’s exit from the alliance was enough to shelve any such plans, so it looks like the big players are still Google and Verizon. Good thing too — with this much hype over Good vs. Evil, the racket over Good vs. Evil vs. More Evil vs. Frustratingly Incompetent would be deafening.


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