Nortel and Qualcomm test cellular / WiFi-hopping handset

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Cellular / WiFi hopping handsets aren’t an entirely new concept, but Nortel and Qualcomm look to be giving the desirable technology a boost today, with them announcing that they’ve succesfully tested a handset that makes use of Nortel’s Voice Call Continuity network-based system and Qualcomm’s corresponding IMS/VCC-based chipset. That combo, the companies say, allows for seamless switching of voice calls between CDMA cellular networks and plain-old WiFi networks which should, in turn, save you some money on service charges. What’s more, the pair says their solution will allow companies to offer dual-mode mobile phones that are VCC-ready upon purchase, with no further software downloads or service configuration necessary. It also seems like that prospect may not be all that far off, as Nortel says it expects its network solution to be available in the first quarter of next year, while Qualcomm says its VCC-ready devices will be rolling out sometime in mid-2008.

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