DVB-H to become European mobile video standard

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The European mobile phone community was rocked by the news today that DVB-H (or Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld) is set to become the new standard for mobile TV across the Union. The technology — a superset of DVB-T — has been spearheaded by Nokia, and this move is meant to help widen the system’s audience. Though the move has been opposed by some EU states, such as Germany and Britain, the standard is being pushed through. “DVB-H will be published by the Commission in the list of official EU standards,” said an EU executive, adding that, “As a result, all EU Member States will have to support and encourage the use of DVB-H for the launch of mobile TV services, thus avoiding market fragmentation and allowing economies of scale and accordingly affordable services and devices.” So much for our fledgling standard, DVB-X (the X is for extreme).


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