Blockbuster in talks with mobile makers for video on the go

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Apparently Blockbuster Video is wooing mobile device makers in an attempt to make mobile video content consumption a little easier on the consumers. While no names were specifically mentioned, Blockbuster CEO James Keyes did say that they were in talks with virtually all major handset manufacturers. We’ve no clue how the vids will be delivered if this gets off the ground, but wouldn’t be too averse to downloading flicks on the device if the file size — and data tariffs — could be kept sane. Mr Keyes went on to say that he’s started watching films on his BlackBerry thanks to a little technical help from a Blockbuster employee and from Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Research in Motion. Of course, we’re sure the technical help mentioned didn’t have anything to do with DVD Decrypter and the illegal copying of DVDs, right guys?


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