Toshiba one-ups Philips with AquilionONE CT scanner

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Philips’ Brilliance iCT sure had a nice run, but no sooner than it hit the spotlight, Toshiba has arrived fashionably late to steal a little thunder. The outfit’s $2.5 million AquilionONE outdoes Philips’ iteration by doing 320-slices instead of “just” 256, enabling doctors to see the entire heart while making patients hold their breath for merely “a second or two.” Put simply, the machine should allow for heart disease to be spotted in its earliest stages without putting individuals through a lengthy tribulation, and the ultra high resolution 3D images it produces will allow medical personnel to quickly determine if there are any problems that need to be dealt with. Currently, the system is being tested at Toronto General’s Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, but word on the street has the unit being readily available next summer.

[Via Diagnostic Imaging, thanks lmwong]


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