Nigerian firm sues Negroponte, OLPC for patent infringement

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Just months after a slew of OLPC XOs made their way into Nigeria, a Nigerian-owned company is filing suit against Nicholas Negroponte and the OLPC Association for patent infringement. Lagos Analysis and subsidiary LANCOR filed the lawsuit on November 22nd in Nigeria, claiming that the aforementioned parties willfully and illegally reverse engineered its keyboard driver source codes. Turns out, LANCOR makes its ends by selling region specific-based keyboards that allow for direct access inputting of “accents, symbols and diacritical marks during regular typing,” and sure enough, the XO’s board looks mighty similar to those offered up by the plaintiff. Additionally, the outfit is in the process of “filing a similar lawsuit against OLPC in a United States Federal Court,” so we’d recommend snagging an XO or two before Nik Neg and company are forced to inflate prices to pay off those highfalutin lawyers.

[Image courtesy of Konyin and Digital Crusader]


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