AT&T in talks with Google over the Open Handset Alliance?

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According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple-BFF and mobile-telecom-extroidinaire AT&T is in talks with Google about joining the Open Handset Alliance. In an interview today, Ralph de la Vega — chief executive officer of the company’s wireless unit — said that the provider is, “Analyzing the situation,” concerning the use of Google’s Android operating system for some of its handsets. Although Mr. de la Vega hasn’t personally met with the search-engine giant, the fact that AT&T is even considering joining the Alliance could have a palpable impact on the industry’s perception of the forthcoming mobile OS contender. As you’ll recall, T-Mobile and Sprint have already jumped on the OHA bandwagon (though to what extent no one knows), and adding the de facto US leader to the mix might really get this stew boiling over. [Warning: read link requires subscription]

[Via Information Week]


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