Vista’s SideShow coming to Windows Mobile devices?

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Word on the street (er, internet) is that Microsoft’s oft-ignored Vista component, SideShow, could be making its official way to your favorite Windows Mobile-flavored device before long. If you’ll recall, SideShow acts as a kind of mini-OS which is distributed to devices separate from a PC, such as remotes or external displays on laptops, and can be used to access information like contacts, maps, calendar appointments, and e-mail messages in a low-power, always-on state. Apparently, in a new SDK beta which the SideShow team “showed” off recently, features like a UI designed for portrait QVGA displays, a universal driver that supports USB and Bluetooth communication, and new Bluetooth menu commands have led some folks to speculate that the system could be coming to mobile devices sometime soon. Of course, this all unconfirmed rumor at this point, so don’t feel compelled to believe it.

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