Man vindicated after being fired for texting in sick

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A UK tile store sales clerk has been awarded almost £7,000 (over $14,000) by an employment tribunal after he was fired for texting in sick. Apparently Edinburgh’s Tile It All takes the phrase “calling in sick” quite literally — requiring an actual phone call stating one’s intentions to miss work — but former employee Mark Morrison claims to have been unaware of this policy when he took over two weeks off due to his brother’s death and the resulting depression. Before he could return to his job, however, Morrison was summoned to a disciplinary hearing where he was given the ax for failing to abide by company policy. Instead of taking up arms a la the traditional disgruntled worker, Morrison wisely chose a more official forum to air his grievances, and succeeded in proving that he had not received proper discipline or warnings prior to getting pink slipped.

[Via The Register]


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