Keepin’ it real fake, part XCVII: Nabaztag’s sad little knock-off

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You know the Nabaztag — the lovable, WiFi-sporting, olfactory-equipped plastic rabbit which wormed its way into our hearts. Sure, everyone wants to nestle up to the little critter’s twinkling LEDs and soothing expression, but what about Nabaztag’s pitiful, cheap, single-function cousin, the Rabbit Sensor Night Light? That’s right — not a lot of love for this one-trick-pony, a simple night light which won’t play back your favorite podcasts, recognize the scent of a carrot, read you a book, or act as your Cha’Dich during your trial on Qo’noS concerning the attack at Khitomer… but it will glow softly through its pink plastic casing. Look, it automatically turns on when it detects movement, and it’s dirt cheap ($12.99) — isn’t that enough?

[Thanks, kristofer b]


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