Black Friday deal roundup

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Feel that? That’s post-Thanksgiving sloth kicking in. The deep, infectious kind which follows the tryptophantastic gluttony of a lustful appetite soothed. Don’t fight it son, forget your pride and let a few more deadly sins creep in. We’re talking greed, the kind only a Black Friday sale can sate. Look, just take it easy and hang out here at Engadget all day, and maybe you can be the envy of your gadget-lovin’ peers without necessarily suffering the wrath of your family accountant.

We’ll be updating this here post with fresh Black Friday deals throughout the day, but we can’t do it all alone. Drop us some links in comments if you spot something awesome. So, let’s get this thing kicking…

LG 42-inch plasma – $900 sound good? Hit up Sears.
ThinkGee’s Super dorky 8-bit tie – now 50% off
Acer 20-inch 1680 x 1050 pixel LCD – $168

Apple’s Black Friday site is now up with decent discounts (5% and more) and free shipping on a few of Cupertino’s finest (including software) and 3rd party accessories:

Amazon’s blowing it out too, with their first official Black Friday sale:

Staples? Yup, here’s just a few highlights:

Circuit City has 791 items on sale by our count:

Mac Mall is apparently going for broke on Apple products — here’s just a few tasty numbers:

Not enough deep-level discounts for your holiday shopping spree up there? Well keep reading after the break to find more wallet-busting, debt-increasing, no-raincheck-havin’ deals…

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