Xbox 360 parental timer coming in December?

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Xbox 360 addicts, particularly ones under the age of 18 (or still camping out in your ‘rents crib), take note: a “Family Timer” could be wrecking your habitual play as early as next month. The above image was reportedly spotted in the pamphlet of a Guitar Hero III keychain (we know…), and it touts the timer’s ability to easily limit how much time kids spend on the console. If this proves legitimate, the new functionality will be available via Xbox Live next month, and there’s even an option to “suspend or add time” depending on how those report cards turn out. Parents, we know how much flak you’ll be getting should you activate this “feature” right around the holidays, but hey, just tell those immature youngsters of yours that you’re simply following in the footsteps of Bill Gates himself.

[Via Joystiq]


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