Oakley’s Split Thump: the relentless pursuit of fail

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We’re not sure why Oakley keeps gluing MP3 players to semi-fashionable sunglasses and expecting us to be impressed, but they’ve gone above and beyond this time by calling the latest model the Split Thump. Apart from sounding like a kitchen accident, it’s the same old Thump concept you know and avoid, only this time with controls integrated into the O logo and detachable earpieces so you can just be a straight-up Oakley guy instead of a giant Oakley nerd. Pricing should make you feel similarly chumpish, with 512MB going for $249, 1GB for $299, and 2GB for a whopping iPod touch five Zune 30s Archos 605 $399. Coming your way in black and white soon, according to Oakley.

[Via Acquire, thanks, Bernard]


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