New iTunes hints at iPhone disk use and voice memos?

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If you hadn’t heard, iTunes 7.5 hit today, and while we were all busy yawning at the seemingly insignificant update, MacRumors Forums user “FreeState” was checking out some localized strings and tracked down a few gems. Number 4320.069 asks if you’re “sure you want to manually manage your music on your iPhone?” Yeah, we’re sure. While 4320.073 teases that “Enabling the iPhone for disk use requires manually ejecting the iPhone before each disconnect, even when automatically syncing music.” We can live with those demands. Mr. 4320.075 is a bit more generic, but 4320.082 is the sexiest of the bunch: “The iPhone “^1″ contains new voice memos. Would you like to move these voice memos to your iTunes library?” We’ve been waiting for months for the iPhone to add that no-brainer feature, so here’s hoping that the next iPhone update will be swift and promise-fulfilling.


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