Intel’s Entry Storage System SS4200 series of digital storage appliances

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Now that Microsoft’s Windows Home Server and Leopard’s Time Machine have legs, you’d best get to thinking about your digital storage AND backup requirements. Not up to it? No worries, Intel’s here to offload that processing with their Entry Storage System SS4200x. Their WHS friendly box will ship in two flavors: the hardware-only SS4200-EHW and SS4200-E with integrated software from EMC. The latter can be dropped onto your network as Network Attached Storage with support for 11 languages including those spoken my Macs and PCs. Besides being stuffed with all the requisite Intel chipsets (including a Celeron 400 class proc with DDR2 memory), the SS’s feature up to 4x internal disks for “several terabytes of capacity.” Exactly, Intel? Add a few more through the unit’s eSATA port for something between oodles and mucho capacity. Available in December starting at $500.

Update: Now that we have a picture, it’s pretty clear who Fujitsu-Siemens and Velocity Micro have been sleeping with, eh?


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