Consult With Erin

Erin recently decided to start offering consulting services on her web site.  You can visit her consulting page for details and topics, or read her recent blog post about it.

Technically she’s been doing consulting for a while.  Some people would book a reading with her and then use their reading time to ask her questions on other topics, like how to further develop their psychic and intuitive skills, how to lucid dream, the best meditations to do, etc.  They didn’t really need a reading, but they wanted Erin’s expert advice.  The funny thing was that Erin would often detect this at the start of the reading.  When she’d tune in, she’d tell the person, “This is weird.  Your guides are telling me you don’t really need a reading.”  Then the person would say, “That’s actually true.  I just wanted to talk to you about ___.”

When it became clear there was an ongoing demand for this kind of interaction, Erin decided to make it easier for people to book consultations with her directly.

Perhaps the most common consultation Erin does is helping other psychic mediums increase their connection and accuracy and transition to make a living from this type of work.  Erin also consults on spiritual counseling, tuning in to spirit guides, lucid dreaming, astral projection, paranormal experiences, meditation, and dream interpretation.

Erin’s consultation rates are the same as her reading rates, so if you were to book a reading, you could always change it to a consultation and vice versa.  Her rates have always been dictated by supply and demand.

If you’re interested in a consultation with Erin, please visit her consulting page for details.

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