NEC’s LCD projector plays wireless with Vista and CE devices

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Here you go friends, another 1,024 x 768 projector for your overly populated Powerpoints. Mind you, this isn’t any ol’ 5,000 lumen projector, no sir. This NEC is one of the few to support the little known Windows Network Projector standard built right into Vista and Windows CE devices. The projector is automatically detected on the network allowing it to feed on your content wirelessly (or tethered) from across the net. Nice. It also features 5 optional lens combinations and component, S-Video, and DVI inputs with Reon VX HQV video processing. The top end NP3150J is expected to ship in mid-January 2008 for a whopping ¥837,900 (about $7,335). A lesser, 3,700 lumen NP1150J can be had for ¥575,400 (about $5,037). Don’t worry, it’s corporate money, and they owe you.

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