Live coverage of Google’s Android Gphone mobile OS announcement

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8:58AM PT – Ok, we’re on the call, and there’s soothing classical. We’ll “be underway in a few minutes.”

9:02AM PT – Ok, we’re about to begin!

9:04AM PT – “Welcome everyone to the Google, Inc. conference call. Today’s call is being recorded.” Yeah, by us! Elliot Shraig (sp) from Google is on. “We have a number of companies here with an exiting announcement to make in the mobile space.”

Sergey and Eric from Goog, Peter Chou from HTC, Zander from Moto, plenty of heavyweights. Eric Schmidt is kicking off — Andy Rubin will join for the Q&A.

9:05AM PT – “Thanks everybody, for joining us. We’re obviously very, very happy that this announcement is going out today. To give you some context, there are 3 billion mobile users worldwide… getting people access to information is very important. On Google’s side we have a two part strategy… the part we want to talk about today is creating a whole new mobile experience for users, and we’re going to do that with Android.”

9:06AM PT – “Google along with 33 other companies are announcing Android, the first truly integrated mobile operating system. … What’s particularly notable is that it’s available under a mobile open source license. It’s incredibly important to say that this is NOT an announcement of the ‘Gphone’… we hope there will be thousands of ‘Gphones’…”

9:08AM PT – “… an unprecedented mobile platform… We couldn’t do this alone. … Users will have much better access to mobile experiences.” Slow down, Eric!

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