Jesse Jackson speaks out against the Sirius / XM merger

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The proposed Siruis / XM merger has always ruffled a few feathers at the NAB (and the NAB has certainly ruffled back), but it’s another thing entirely when a national political figure like Jesse Jackson comes out opposed to the deal. Jackson, who spoke at the FCC hearings on the merger yesterday, said that allowing Sirius and XM to combine would essentially create a monopoly in the satellite radio market, eliminating the potential for diverse ownership and possibly squelching minority voices on the dial. Control of the media has always been a hot-button issue for activists of all stripes, and we can certainly see why Jackson would oppose such a merger on those grounds, but another organizations with a similar agenda, the NAACP, has actually issued statements supporting the merger, saying that combined, XM / Sirius would “”strengthen its commitment to diversity.” It’s obviously a thorny issue with a lot of viewpoints, so please — let’s keep the comments civil, shall we?


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