Hands-on with the CES 2008 RFID badge

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As if the beginning of November wasn’t reminder enough that CES 2008 is a scant two months away, we also happened to get greeted by our press badge and associated admission tickets when we opened the mailbox today. Normally we’d just toss the envelope aside and pretend that our week of living hell wasn’t nearly upon us, but with this year’s badges sporting an unusual high-tech attachment, we thought we’d snap a few pics before tucking it away. As you can see, the RFID tag attached to the back of our paper badge is no thicker than than the badge itself, with the circuitry actually printed onto an identical piece of card stock. Be sure to check out a few more shots after the break, and tune in for all the excitement when we stick a bunch of these tags onto our intern and trick the Man at CEA into thinking that Team Engadget roams the show floor as an intimidating pack from dawn till dusk.

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