Sewell offers up USB-to-DVI adapter with UXGA support

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Oh, how far we’ve come. Just 2.5-years after Tritton unveiled an adapter that enabled users to run a VGA-equipped display at 800 x 600 via USB, Sewell is offering up a USB-to-DVI converter that actually supports UXGA (that’s 1,600 x 1,200 for those counting). In a package no larger than a deck of cards, this thing houses some 256MB of RAM, supports up to six simultaneous displays (requires six adapters, obviously) and even plays nice with Windows Vista (sorry, Leopard fanatics). There’s also a DVI-to-VGA adapter thrown in just so your bases are covered, and so long as you’re running a rig made within the last few years and have a USB 2.0 port (or six) to spare, you’re in business. Well, after you cough up $149.95 to claim one for yourself, that is.

[Via SewellSupport]


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