Panasonic gets official with US-bound Strada CN-GP50U navigator

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Just when you thought that no company in its right mind would bother entering the (way) over-saturated portable navigation market in the US now, along comes Panasonic to prove you wrong. The Strada CN-GP50U has already completed a European tour of duty, and now it’s officially heading stateside and bringing along a five-inch touchscreen, 1.8 million POIs, NAVTEQ maps of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico, USB connectivity, an SD expansion slot and an integrated photo viewer. Furthermore, the device will support handsfree calling via Bluetooth, and the Voice Command / speed limit warning functions should thoroughly please, too. We sincerely hope you weren’t banking on Panny just giving these away, though, as folks opting to snap one up this December will be laying down a hefty $499.95 for the privilege.


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