Drop that Tilt: HTC releases WM6 upgrade for AT&T 8525

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So if you don’t really need that extra megapixel and auto-focus on the camera, and you’re doing just fine with your Bluetooth GPS receiver, HTC has just given you one less reason to upgrade to the AT&T Tilt by finally posting an official Windows Mobile 6 update for the 8525 / Hermes. From today tomorrow through February of next year, 8525 owners can download their first non-cooked version of Redmond’s latest mobile OS, giving them some much-needed conveniences like simplified tethering — and a much-needed refresh for an operating system that’s grown a little long in the tooth. So, plug in your Hermes and go nuts; just remember to backup all your info and applications, because they’ll be gone daddy gone in less than five minutes.

[Thanks, Bruce C. and mike]


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