British Army looks to make tanks, troops invisible

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While not the first bunch to try and mesh invisibility with military equipment, the British Army is reportedly staying busy by “testing technology it claims makes tanks and troops invisible.” Apparently, the (previously) uber-secret trials were conducted by the Royal Engineers and scientists from QinetiQ, and if eyewitness reports are to be believed, they were able to “make a vehicle seem to completely disappear.” The illusion (read: we’re no closer to actual invisibility cloaks) was reportedly created by utilizing “cameras and projectors to beam images captured from the surrounding landscape onto a specially-adapted tank coated with silicon to maximize their reflective qualities,” and if things go as planned, these elusive machines could make their way onto the battlefield “within five years.” ‘Course, it’s not like anyone will have visual proof of that, but we suppose that’s just the nature of the beast.

[Via DailyMail]


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