Satski GPS system charts adventures on the slopes

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Just in case your iPod-equipped helmet, head-mounted camera and Bluetooth-enabled parka weren’t enough to distract you from actually paying attention to your fear when looking down the mile-long slope ahead, how’s about fiddling with the Satski rather than focusing on that pizza wedge? This handhald unit gives skiers, snowboarders and everyone else out there trying to make it down in one piece the ability to record position, altitude, speed and distance while on the mountain. Additionally, you’ll find options that enable you to avoid black runs, plot a course, listen to MP3s and play a few games while riding the lift. Heck, there’s even links to emergency contacts in case that halfpipe trip goes terribly wrong, and the built-in software lets users export data to Google Earth for future bragging purposes. Reportedly, this intriguing device will be priced at an almost unfathomable £1,500 ($3,087), but those strapped for cash can supposedly rent it for around £28 ($58) per day at participating resorts. Of course, it remains to be seen how well the touch panel responds to those ginormous gloves we all love to wear.

UPDATE: Seems that US-based snow bunnies can get this same type of functionality on their current Garmin / Magellan GPS — and for a lot less cash, too.

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