Lenovo’s 3000 K100 tower isn’t so attractive

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Lenovo‘s first US consumer-oriented laptops might have hit yesterday, but the company isn’t about to ignore its core office users — say hello to the Death Star prop-looking 3000 tower. The unit gets its distinctive mug from the integration of a couple nifty power-management features, including a “Power Dial” that allows users to adjust energy usage and system performance and a “Breathing” LED that changes color and brightness based on power usage. All models rock gigabit Ethernet and Intel X3100 graphics, but buyers can choose configs ranging from an E2140 Intel Core Duo with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB disk for $589 to a Q6600 Core 2 Quad with 3GB of RAM and a 500GB disk for $1,129. The systems are available now, for all you aspiring Star Wars set designers out there.

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