Canon rolls out two new XGA projectors for business and education

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Canon let out word of a pair new XGA projectors today, although they’ll each be more at home in a boardroom or classroom than your home theater, unless you’ve got some very particular needs. On the high-end, the LV-7585 boasts an impressive 6.500 ANSI lumens, along with a more than adequate 1,600:1 contrast ratio, and even your choice of four different lenses depending on your needs. You will need to set aside a full $10,000 to light up your PowerPoint presentation with one of these, however, although you’ll at least have ’till the middle of November to save up (or convince the higher-ups). On the considerably lower-end of the spectrum, the $1,500 LV-7365 model will only give you one standard issue lens, although you will get a decent 3,000 ANSI lumens, and a passable 500:1 contrast ratio. Look for it to land around the middle of next month as well.


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