Aussie develops technology to take DSL to 250Mbps

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While 250Mbps isn’t likely to get the drool flowin’ quite as quickly as a 40Gbps connection in one’s home, it’s still nothing to scoff at. And best of all, the technology is quite a ways beyond the drawing board. Reportedly, University of Melbourne’s Dr. John Papandriopoulos has patented his SCALE and SCAPE methods for “dramatically reducing the interference which slows down data transmission in typical DSL networks.” ‘Course, the tidbit you’re interested in comes when we find that these techniques can potentially deliver speeds of up to 250-megabits per second through existing telecommunications networks. The only changes that would be necessary to facilitate such sensational speeds are new modems for end users and “operational system changes” for providers. No word on when this technology will actually be put to good use (read: installed in our homes), but the inventor himself is headed to the US soon to take a new position within a startup company founded by “Stanford University Professor John Cioffi, the so-called father of DSL.” Bring the goods with you, Doc.

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