MPIO’s MO100 DAP takes a note from Grundig

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MPIO’s MO100 doesn’t have a whole heck of a lot going for it, and interestingly enough, neither does Grundig’s MPixx 2000. Of course, that could be because they’re likely the exact same player save for the branding. Just look for yourself — you’ll notice the same 1.8-inch 160 x 128 resolution display, MP3 / WMA / SMV / JPEG / BMP format support, FM tuner and real-time recording as found on the Grundig, and in case you needed any additional proof, the MO100 arrives in 1GB and 2GB flavors, too. Nevertheless, it still features USB connectivity, around 12-hours of continuous playback and looks a touch nicer in that blue motif, but don’t expect anything revolutionary for obvious reasons.

[Via AnythingButiPod]


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