Mobius MKII speakers promise big sound, bigger price

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Those who want their speakers to make as much of a statement with their looks as with their sound may want to keep an eye out for these new Mobius MKII behemoths, which promise a full 360 degrees of sound at reference-level quality. Measuring 38-inches tall, the speakers boast three drivers in the 8-inch bipolar array that sits up top, along with a custom made, front firing subwoofer that provides a frequency response down to 20Hz.. Just as importantly (to some), the speakers will also be available in a range of high-quality metallic or piano finishes, although not before the spring of 2008, which is when they’re expected to make their debut. While there’s no word on an exact price just yet, Audio Junkies says they should retail for somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000 to $15,000.


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