Babel TV set-top-box weds Freeview, PVR, and internet

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We’ve never been much for using one’s television as their primary web surfing display — after all, how do you expect to get any work done with last week’s episode of The Office drawing your attention away from that oh-so-critical PowerPoint — but for those who’d enjoy access every now and then without having to attach a dedicated computer, Babel TV could be just the thing. Available solely in the UK, this multifaceted set-top-box enables users to tune into and record Freeview broadcasts, stream video clips / programming from the web and even make VoIP calls. Furthermore, the box is “managed remotely by Babel TV’s technical team,” and copies of all your files can be automatically stored at a secure location (for a price, we presume). Reportedly, the unit should be available early next month for £295 ($602), and yes, that does include a wireless keyboard and pointer to keep you firmly planted on the sofa.

[Via TechDigest]


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