Sony selling the ATI TV Wonder CableCARD tuner all by its lonesome

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Although Vista Media Center supports up to four CableCARDs, we haven’t actually seen the required ATI TV Wonder breakout box for sale by itself yet — it usually only comes bundled with a CableLABS-certified Vista Media Center PC. (In fact, from what we hear, OEMs are strictly forbidden from selling them without a PC.) It looks like Sony’s ready to bust these things loose, however, because is now selling them as the “VAIO Digital TV Tuner” for $299. You’ll still need that Vista Media Center PC with the required special firmware to make it work, but those of you itching to add more tuners to your rig — or just hack away at these things — might finally be able to make it happen. Just don’t blame us of CableLABS’s locks prevent you from properly capturing all those delicious high def MPEG-2 streams.

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