Mexican developer bundles free electric cars with home purchases

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Offering incentives like free TVs and even free cars has long been part of the condo developer’s sales toolkit, but a home builder in Mexico is aiming for the green crowd by offering potential buyers a free electric car. Sadly, the car in question is not the Tesla Roadster, or even a modified Prius, but a hub-motor powered vehicle from Porteon Electric Vehicles that maxes out around 25 miles per hour. Ouch. The company hasn’t released any photos or specs of the car apart from the $7-9K price tag, but Porteon CEO Kenneth Montler has promised the company will “transition to a highway car over time.” Montler didn’t name the developer offering his cars for free when he announced the deal at the Dow Jones Alternative Energy Innovations Conference this week, but home buyers in Mexico looking to slow things down a bit might want to keep their eyes open for this deal to hit.


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