Viewsonic rolls out five new projectors for business and education

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Those looking for a projector for something other than their home theater now have a bundle of new options to consider courtesy of Viewsonic, which has just announced five new models intended primarily for business and education use. Those include the PJ557D, PJ559D, PJ560D, PJ551D and PJ260D models, each of which appear to be only minor upgrades over earlier, similarly-numbered models. As with those previous models, these are all squarely at the low end of the spectrum, ranging in price from $649 to $1,099, and topping out at the standard XGA resolution. Standing out the most from the lot is the PJ560D model which, at 3,200 lumens is the brightest of the bunch, and the PJ260D, which is the only portable projector from the batch (although it still boasts a decent 2,000:1 contrast ration and 2,000 lumens). Look for all five to be available from all the usual sources sometime next month.


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