Sanity prevails: people find other people sexier than iPhone

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So buried in some long poll conducted by Zobgy International and 463 Communications on the unexciting topic of “Internet Attitudes” is this little gem: in a head-to-head battle with various celebrities in the category of sexiness, the iPhone gets thoroughly trounced. In other words, much to the dismay of the residents of Massachusetts, it seems that people are still more attracted to other people than they are to technology — and by a pretty wide margin. With only 6% of respondents placing it in the top slot (to be fair, the same percentage picked Derek Jeter), the iPhone trailed far behind Halle Berry at 27%, Scarlett Johansson at 17%, and even Patrick Dempsey, who managed to score 14% of the vote despite the fact that he pays women to pretend to be his girlfriend. As do, we suspect, those troubled few who find a telephone sexier than members of their own species.

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