India caves to OLPC, gets 22 units to try out

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A lot can change in a year — tastes, moods, the value of one’s currency… — and apparently, India’s stance on One Laptop Per Child has shifted so dramatically from last July that 22 of the low-cost machines have actually arrived for testing. Reportedly, officials didn’t give up after being practically rejected by India’s education minister, and now 22 lucky youngsters in a one-room school in Maharashtra are getting the chance to participate in a pilot program. Carla Gomez-Monroy, the education consultant who launched the test, stated that OLPC “has learned that working with local partners will be crucial in India, where dozens of languages are spoken.” Of course, the far smaller minimum order quantity probably helped matters too, and while there’s no commitment from India to buy heaps of XOs anytime soon, Gomez-Monroy suggested that distribution could broaden “as soon as June” of next year.

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