Hasselblad discontinues the H2 product line

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We don’t foresee too many tears being shed over this news, but the Hasselblad faithful will probably want to know that the tried and true H2 product line has been nixed. Not surprisingly, the company reported that “demand simply no longer justified the dedicated manufacturing line required for its production,” and that it would be shifting those resources to the H3DII. On a more positive note, the outfit is introducing the H2F, which is being billed as a “greatly simplified film-only version of the H2,” so those (still) sticking with film can look here to get their fix. Lastly, the firm reassured H1 / H2 owners that it would continue to support those products “for a minimum of 10 years from the date of purchase.” So long, H2, it’s been a good run.

[Via CNET]


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