Yamaha’s PJP-25UR speakerphone does VoIP

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Certainly not the first of its kind, Yahama’s PJP-25UR is arriving a little late to the VoIP speakerphone party. Nevertheless, this sleek (comparatively speaking, of course) looking alternative is sure to have top-level managers smiling, as it provides a pair of swing-out microphones to compliment the main mic in the middle, stereo speakers, an audio in / out jack and the ability to get all the juice it needs from a powered USB port (or optional AC adapter). The 1.25-pound unit is slated to ship out in December and put a ¥63,000 ($547) dent in the corporate budget, but that’s a small price to pay for all the surefire productivity that comes from yet another mundane meeting, right?

[Via Digital-Lifestyles]


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