Sonos’ hat-trick: Napster/BestBuy, ZoneBridge BR100, and 2.5 firmware updates

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Busy morning for Sonos so let’s just get to it. First, the ZoneBridge BR100 is out and official for $100 just like we expected. It features a pair of Ethernet ports to link your Xbox 360, TiVo, etc. into the Sonos network and onto the nets. It’ll also extend coverage to network dead spots without having to unload $350 for another Zone. The free 2.5 firmware update brings direct, PC-less access to Napster’s new 4.0 Web platform and Best Buy’s Digital Music Store. The update also tweaks features and zone management while adding a new search function which spans both premium services and your home music library. Available now at Sonos which sits just beyond that little read link.

[Via PC Magazine]


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