i-mate working on a Foleo-like “shell” for the Ultimate line?

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The last we heard about i-mate‘s Ultimate line, the company was allegedly planning on “staggering” the release of the WM 6 Pro handsets, but it’s been over two months without any news to report — and now suddenly the tubes are alive with i-mate news: not only did the company announce the Ultimate 9502 and 8502 handsets today, UberGizmo is reporting that i-mate is working on a Foleo-esque “shell” for the line, with 1024 x 768 display, larger keyboard, and 80-hour battery. Unlike Palm’s charming folly, however, the i-mate shell won’t contain any processing power of its own, instead serving more as an extended dock for the Ultimate devices themselves. It’s a pretty sketchy rumor, to be sure, but given the i-mate’s topsy-turvy handling of the Ultimates, it’s as likely as anything else.

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